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Weekly Training Rundown, March 18-24

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How'd the past week go for your training? Let's talk about it.

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This week's big challenge was not getting too frustrated, or defeated, by less-than-ideal workouts. Some schedule conflicts and a 24-hour bout of some GI issues led to some shortened and altered training sessions. And with that comes the natural feelings of discouragement. But I need to remind myself that, while not ideal, it's okay to shorten, alter or even skip a workout.

I won't be winning any races (spoiler alert!), and keeping this triathlon and running thing fun and enjoyable is ultimately what's most important.

Monday: 1900-yard swim

Tuesday: 60-minute trainer rider (pyramid tempo), followed by 10-minute brick run

Wednesday: 50-minute run (5.75 miles), with a 15-minute tempo and some hill repeats

Thursday: Optional day off, but opted for 30-minutes easy spinning on the trainer

Friday: 1250-yard swim; workout called for 21 yards, but I overslept and didn't get to the pool until shortly before it was closing. Alas.

Saturday: 2:05-hour ride, followed by 20-minute brick run; cut the bike ride by 40 minutes because of aforementioned stomach issues.

Sunday: 1:40-hour run (11 miles), followed by 40 minutes on the trainer to make-up for Saturday's shortened ride.


Weekly Totals: 3250-yards swimming, 4:15-hours cycling, 20.5-miles running

Year-to-Date: 35,284 yards (20 miles) swimming, 27:45 hours cycling, 145 miles running

Looking Ahead: Recovery week, and not a moment too soon.


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