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Weekly Training Rundown, Feb. 25-March 3

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How'd the past week go for your training? Let's talk about it.

Sandra Mu

This past week I found myself struggling through a recovery. Not physically struggling, but mentally. And maybe even somewhat emotionally? The decreased training time led to a sense of restlessness, and a general lethargic feeling. Is that normal? Or was it just a case of the end-of-winter-why-isn't-it-Spring-yet blues?

  • Monday: 1400-yard swim
  • Tuesday: 45-minute recovery bike ride on the trainer
  • Wednesday: 30-minute easy run
  • Thursday: 1400-yard swim
  • Friday: Day off
  • Saturday: One-hour bike ride
  • Sunday: 40-minute run


Weekly Totals: 2800 yards swimming, 1:45 cycling, 7.8 miles running

Year-to-Date: 24,634 yards swimming, 15:35 hours biking, 92.58 miles running

Looking Ahead: After a recovery week, it's back to a normal training week on my half Ironman plan, with over seven hours scheduled, including a 135-minute bike ride, my longest effort in some time.


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