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Boston Marathon 2013: Weather forecast

The weather forecast for Monday's 2013 Boston Marathon is near-perfect for the runners.

Darren McCollester

The 117th running of the Boston Marathon is set for Monday morning, and the weather is looking like it will cooperate for the athletes involved. The high is expected to be 53 degrees, with sunny skies partly obscured by clouds.

When the Mobility Impaired division starts the race at 9 a.m., it will be in the low-to-mid 40s, and an hour later, when the Elite Men and Wave 1 begin to run, it will be closer to 50 degrees.


Ideal running conditions, really.

Runners are bused to the starting line at a very early hour and it will still be in the upper 30s (4°C) around sunrise. Temperatures by 9 AM will have warmed to the middle and upper 40s (8°C) and be in the mid 50s (14°C) when most folks finish. Winds will be light throughout the race. In the morning the winds will be from the north, or blowing against runners on their left side. Since roads twist a bit, a times they will have a weak tail wind.

The cooler temperatures should be welcomed by the runners, especially those who participated in the 2012 Boston Marathon, when record-high temperatures had more than 4,000 entrants opt not to even start the race, and another 2,100-plus need medical attention.