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Runners help raise money for One Fund Boston

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The One Fund Boston has surpassed $20 million in its first week, and a big reason why is the resilient running community.

George Frey

Since The One Fund Boston launched last week to help raise money for victims from the twin bombings at Monday's marathon, the organization has reportedly already raised more $20 million, and a key contributing group has been runners.

Two major sponsors from the marathon, John Hancock and adidas, started things with a $1 million donation and "Boston Stands As One" shirts, respectively, and New Balance followed with $1 million donation of its own.

Additionally, three marathons set to be run in May -- Pittsburgh, Flying Pig and Cleveland -- are all selling "BOSTON STRONG" and "#RUN FOR BOSTON" wristbands "for a suggested $1.00 minimum donation," with 100 percent of the money going to One Fund Boston.



Run Now is also selling its own wristbands to "highlight the resiliency of the running community and ensure that the events in Boston do not deter or prevent us from exercising our running freedoms."