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Chris Solarz, running for simplicity

Chris Solarz hasn't taking the subway to work in more than nine years, choosing that time to run his commute instead. Chris chooses to #RunFor simplicity.Every runner has a reason. What's yours?

"I think gold is a great anti-inflation play, so I would have no hesitation to start buying on the dips ... I'll be in the office by 11."

Chris Solarz finishes his call with work, and then continues on his morning run. Since 2003, this is how he has commuted -- on his feet, running to and from work every day.

"Time commuting is just dead time."

Solarz, running four miles every day -- 20 per week -- has completed over 500 races and 200 marathons, all while holding down a 60-hour a week job. He owns the record for the "fastest aggregate time to complete a marathon on all seven continents," and explains how he manages it all as part of DICK'S Sporting Goods' #RunFor series:

"The work, life, running balance -- it's a big, logistical puzzle. Which is what I enjoy for work, which is what I enjoy for running. You can only have a few priorities in life, and for me it's really been my work, and running, and family, and they're not mutually exclusive ... but you have to be efficient."

Through running -- both its serenity and the "optimization of [his] body]" -- is Solarz's motivation to get out the door every day.

"I run for simplicity. This is my approach to life."


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