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2013 Ironman World Championship

GoPro IRONMAN World Championship preview

A preview clip of NBC's broadcast of the 2013 GoPro IRONMAN World Championship, set to air Saturday, November 16, at 4:30 pm ET. In addition to coverage of the men's and women's pro races, the show will feature Hines Ward, Gordon Ramsay, Karen Aydelo

Appreciating Mirinda Carfrae's run

Mirinda Carfrae won the Ironman World Championship on Saturday, with the kind of run that makes her a legend in the sport.

12 reasons why triathlon is awesome

The spirit of triathlon is alive and well, even at the Ironman World Championship in Kona

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Craig Alexander: "The body's not what it used to be"

"The body's not what it used to be." Craig Alexander explains why 2013 was his last time racing at Kona (via

Hines Ward and Gordon Ramsay become an Ironman

Hines Ward and Gordon Ramsay traded in their football helmets and kitchen knives for running shoes and tri bikes on Saturday as they competed in one of sports' most challenging races, the Ironman World Championship.

Mr. Ironman

Luis Alvarez completed his 100th Ironman Saturday in Kona, reaching the finish line of a journey that started 22 years ago.

Mirinda Carfrae and Frederik Van Lierde win Kona

Frederik Van Lierde won the men's race at the 2013 Ironman World Championship Saturday in Kona, but the day belonged to Mirinda Carfrae and her record-smashing win in the women's race.

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Mirinda Carfrae and Timothy O'Donnell celebrate at Ironman World Championship finish

Kona Underpants Run

Thursday before the Ironman World Championship means just one thing -- the Kona Underpants Run!

How to watch the Ironman World Championship

Saturday marks the 35th running of the greatest race in triathlon -- the Ironman World Championship. Here's how you can watch it love online, even if you're not lucky enough to be in Kona.

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VIDEO: Sebastian Kienle's practice ride in Kona

Video of Sebastian Kienle, one of the Ironman circuit's strongest cyclists, hitting 30+ mph on a training ride along the Queen K Highway ahead of Saturday's Ironman World Championship.

Macca makes his World Championship picks

Although he's not racing on Saturday, Macca is in Kona, and offering his picks for the men's race in the Ironman World Championship.

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VIDEO: Hines Ward swims at Kona's "Dig Me Beach"'s Dave Erickson caught up with Hines Ward before and after a taper swim at "Dig Me Beach" in Kailua-Kona Bay, site of the swim for Saturday's Ironman World Championship. For Ward, who retired from the NFL in March of 2012. it will be his first-ever Ironman-distance race.

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Tim O’Donnell’s custom-USA Trek Speed Concept bike is awesome

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VIDEO: Swim out to the coffee boat in Kona

Triathlete takes us out for a swim -- and a cup of coffee -- in Kona.

Hines Ward hits Kona for Ironman training

"I really don't know what the Energy Lab is, but it took all my energy." Newest video from Chocolate Milk Refuel, with Hines Ward training for Saturday's Ironman World Championship, his first Ironman-distance triathlon.

GoPro title sponsor of Ironman World Championship

GoPro was announced as title sponsor of the 2013 Ironman World Championship, which mean, with more than 100 of their unique cameras, a race like we've never seen before.


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