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2014 Ironman World Championship Highlights: The 17 best moments from Kona

Recapping the 2014 Ironman World Championship through some of the best moments you might have missed.

"Who was that guy at mile 1.5 trying to hand me a Heineken? Is that a #pottshead?"
"Who was that guy at mile 1.5 trying to hand me a Heineken? Is that a #pottshead?"
Andy Potts' Facebook page

It's no secret that the Ironman World Championship is the pinnacle of the triathlon world. But for every, there are countless other moments that never make it to the broadcast (either the live-stream online or NBC's highlights show in November). So consider this a collection of the OTHER best moments. Mirinda Carfrae's marathon run was, once again, jaw-droppingly awesome, but did you see the 9th-place finisher congratulating her over IVs? Andy Potts' fourth-place finish was awesome, but more awesome than some guy trying to pass him a Heineken?

Here are the 16 17 best moments from Kona that you might have missed.


1. Andy Potts and Jan Frodeno neck-to-neck and stroke-for-stroke at the end of the swim.

2. Ben Hoffman and Jan Frodeno getting greeted at the finish line.

3. Jan Frodeno's disappearing tri kit.

4. This guy (his brother?) who tried to hand Andy Potts a beer at Mile 1.5 on the run.

5. American Matt Russell of the Timex Team finishing with the Blazeman Roll.

6. The mustache, speedo, backwards mesh hat ... really just everything going on here with Australian Tim Reed.

7. The pure, absolute enthusiasm and positive energy that coach Siri Lindley shouts at Mary Beth Ellis.


Here's @sirilindley coaching current third place Mary Beth Ellis early on the run course

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8. Sebi the Machine.

9. Everything about this. All of this, every last one.


#regram my pic for @rokasports of Tina Ament, the first American Blind woman to finish #IMKona #triathlon #inspiration #noexcuses

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10. Pro triathletes, supporting other pro triathletes.

11. The sign of utter exhaustion.


This race means giving it your 100% all, and then some. Congrats to Jodie swallow for a badass race performance that earned her a solid 4th place woman overall. And don't worry, Jodie was looking great by the time she got to the post-race presser :) #IMKona #IMWC

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12. Battle each for almost nine hours in brutal heat and unforgiving wind ... and then share a congratulatory chat in the medical tent.


Teammates makes my heart sing!

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13. Sebastian Kienle's post-race victory speech.

14. Billy Kenoi, the Mayor of Kona, finishing his Ironman.

15. The fact that this maniac volunteer was screaming for Mirinda Carfrae in 2013 (via ...

... and was back out there again in 2014, cheering for Sebastian Kienle.

16. The men's and women's podium comes back out to greet the final finishers before midnight.

17. And finally, the absolute best moment from Kona.