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Under Armour introduces SpeedForm Gemini running shoe

The newest in Under Armour running technology is here.

Under Armour SpeedForm Gemini
Under Armour SpeedForm Gemini
Under Armour

On Thursday, Under Armour unveiled its newest running shoe, the SpeedForm Gemini. It's the latest in the company's SpeedForm series, but what sets it apart from its predecessors is the increased cushioning. Gemini is "built for the athlete who needs extra cushion when taking on longer distances in training, races, or for those who log in the extra miles to reach their fitness goals," according to Under Armour.

In Sunday's New York City Marathon, Under Armour athletes Chris "Macca" McCormack, an Ironman World Champion, and Nick Arciniaga, elite marathoner, will be running in the SpeedForm Gemini shoes.

At the official announcement, Under Armour's VP and creative director of footwear, Dave Dombrow, told Footwear News the Gemini is "the next evolution in the brand's running platform."

"We're taking everything we learned from the SpeedForm Apollo and marrying it on the bottom with our Charged Foam cushioning," he said. "It is super responsive, but what's really unique about this cushioning is it's also adaptive. It can adjust to lower or higher forces [when you run slow or fast], and it can adjust to people's weight."

The 8.5-ounce shoe will retail for $130 and will be widely available in January.