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Strava introduces redesigned app for runners and cyclists

The popular fitness app rolled out its biggest update ever on Thursday, combining its two apps into one and rolling out a handful of new social features.

Strava, the free fitness app that allows users to track runs and bike rides with GPS -- and compare workouts to their friends -- released its redesigned app on Thursday, promising an experience that is "more social than ever."

Strava 4.0, available for both iOS and Android, has teamed up with Intagram to share your photos from workouts (and display friends' photos in a new-look Activity Feed), offers improved audio announcements to notify you of segments (for Premium accounts), and now has a way to track the gear you use (and the miles you put on it).

"Our mission is to motivate athletes all over the world," said Alex Mather, vice president of product and user experience at Strava. "This latest mobile app brings Strava's unique social experience like beautiful maps, Instagram photos, and lots more to runners and cyclists everywhere."

But the best improvement may be that they got rid of the dual-app approach, and finally combined their cycling and running apps into one. (That may just be the triathlete in me speaking, though.)


The Activity Feed is much cleaner than how it used to look, and while certainly not necessary, the added Instagram photos complement workouts rather appropriately (sometimes I think half the motivation for cyclists is the sights they get to see). Most notable to me, early on in playing around with v4.0 today, is that Strava did a great job keeping its welcomed simplistic look, especially on the record screen.

The basic Strava app is free, but to upgrade to Premium it's $6 a month, or $59 for the year.