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Adidas to reissue the Micropacer

The futuristic computer shoe from Adidas will make its triumphant return this August.


The famed metallic running shoe makes its triumphant return on August 16 to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

Adidas released the Micropacer in 1984 to coincide with the Olympic Games in Los Angeles. At the time, the world's first "computer shoe" featured its now-characteristic silver hue and a pedometer attached to its tongue.

Although GPS has long since replaced the need for such space age innovation, the famed shoe's return serves as a humorous and nostalgic reminder of how far running technology has come. As Runner's World suggests:

Go for a run wearing your GPS gadget of choice and a pair of Adidas Micropacers, and see how the two devices say about how far you supposedly ran.

Whether or not you put stock in the futuristic running shoes, post-August runs will prove rather entertaining for runners fascinated with people-watching during their regular workouts.