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No refunds for cancelled Dirty Girl Mud Run

Hundreds took to social media after organizers for the Dirty Girl Mud Run in West Virginia cancelled the race and refused to issue refunds.

Scott Barbour

On Wednesday, hundreds of disgruntled racers took to Twitter and other social media outlets to express their frustration with the Dirty Girl Mud Run in Charleston, W.Va.

Three days before the race, organizers cancelled the event due to what the event's Facebook page called "circumstances out of our control."

Since then, passions have flared online and in the Kanawha County Circuit Court where a suit against the race was filed. According to the Charleston Gazette:

About 2,500 people registered for the event. Registration cost between $65 and $95, depending on the date by which a participant signed up. The Dirty Girl waiver states, "All entries are final with no refunds," and also states event officials can cancel or change the race "if in their sole judgment such cancellation or change is necessary or prudent due to emergency, severe weather or local or national disaster." The clause goes on to state there will be no refunds issued under such circumstances.

According to reports, the event was cancelled due to financial issues and the last-minute cancellation of third parties contractually involved in hosting and supporting the race.

Here are some of the trending tweets from the debacle:

Were you one of the runners who won't be receiving a refund? Comment to let us know.