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Jake Brown to attempt first barefoot transcontinental run in 2015

Barefoot enthusiast will run from California to New York to promote simplicity, charity and community.

Ryan Pierse

"Barefoot" Jake Brown announced Monday that he will attempt the first barefoot transcontinental run of the United States in 2015.

Founder of the Bare Sole Project, a grassroots non-governmental organization dedicated to charity work and active living, Brown hopes to raise awareness for the group's efforts to promote community and simplicity.

"A transcontinental run is an allegory for the real physical connection between people who are separated by vast distances and geographical barriers," writes Brown. "Maybe such a run will drive home the fact that what you do in your backyard is felt on the other side of the country and, I think, the world."

The transcontinental run will follow an undetermined route from California to New York, a distance of over 3,000 miles. No record exists for a barefoot transcontinental run in the U.S., but the greatest distance run barefoot in 24 hours and the fastest 100 km barefoot were both set by Peter Wayne Botha in October 2013. Both were achieved at the 16th Annual Sri Chinmoy 24 Hour race in Auckland, New Zealand.

Although no particular timeframe was indicated, Brown says March 5 is the current tentative departure date.

For more information, follow Brown at the Notes from the Road blog on Tumblr.