Internet Discovery: A Song About Paul Chelimo


Given its niche audience, it is rare that track and field finds its way into popular culture. Aside from the occasional Usain Bolt reference, runners are often either forgotten in the news cycle. More likely is that wide swaths of the population don't know that they exist at all. That is why I was both surprised and pleased to be alerted to the embedded video of a song about Paul Chelimo and his unlikely ascent to Olympic Silver Medalist. Admittedly , it may be a bit of a stretch to label this a true insertion into pop culture as Daniel Ayers, like Chelimo himself, is far from a household name. But, we take what we can get around these parts. As for the song itself, I must say that I rather enjoyed it and ended wishing it were longer than two minutes. Perhaps the song will be updated as Chelimo adds to his accomplishments in the coming years.

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