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Olympics Track and Field 2016: Stride Nation Staff Medal Predictions

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Jeff and Eric put their reputations by predicting every medal that will be awarded in track and field at the Rio Olympics.

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Earlier, we provided you with shorthand previews to both the men's and women's events in track and field that will be contested over the next several days at the Olympics. You should check them out if you haven't already, particularly if you are in need of some conversation starters at the Olympic watching party you have been invited to attend. The purpose of those was to orient you, the reader, to the world of track and field that you may find yourself unsuspectingly immersed in over the remainder of the Rio Olympics.

What occurs below is not, strictly speaking, a preview. There is no analysis presented or explanations offered. This is simply us putting our money and stellar internet reputations on the line by means of hard data of the picks we made so that we can laugh at ourselves and each other in a week's time at just how wrong we were in just about every event. If you are looking for more in the way of analysis, you can check out our men's preview (here) or our women's preview (here) as well as forthcoming work covering the action as it unfolds.

Below, you will find our medal predictions, presented without comment:

Men's Events

Eric's Medal Picks

Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 Usain Bolt Trayvon Bromell Justin Gatlin
200 Usain Bolt LaShawn Merritt Andre De Grasse
400 Kirani James Wayde Van Niekirk LaShawn Merritt
800 Pierre Ambroise Bosse Mahkloufi Clayton Murphy
1500 Asbel Kiprop Matt Centrowitz Elijah Manangoi
5000 Mo Farah Muktar Edris Caleb Ndiku
10000 Mo Farah Galen Rupp Tola
110 Hurdles Omar Mcleod Ronnie Ash Devon Allen
400 Hurdles Kerron Clement Michael Tinsley Van Zyl
Steeplechase Conseslus Kipruto Kemboi Evan Jager
High Jump Barshim Kynard Bondarenko
Pole Vault Lavillenie Kendricks Barber
Long Jump Torneus Lawson Rutherford
Triple Jump Taylor Hess Claye
Shotput Kovacs Walsh Crouser
Discus Malachowski R. Harting C. Harting
Javelin Rohler Weber Ruuskanen
Hammer Throw Fajdek Domingos Nazarov
Decathlon Eaton Abele Taiwo
Marathon Kipchoge Rupp Biwott

Jeff's Medal Picks

Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 Bolt Gatlin Edwards
200 Bolt Degrasse Gatlin
400 Van Niekerk Merritt James
800 Rudisha Amos Kszczot
1500 Kwemoi Kiprop Centrowitz
5000 Farah Muktar Cheptegei
10000 Kamworor Farah Rupp
110 Hurdles Allen McLeod Ortega
400 Hurdles Escobar Bett Clement
Steeplechase C. Kipruto Birech Jager
High Jump Thomas Bondarenko Barshim
Pole Vault Lavillenie Kendricks Barber
Long Jump Rutherford Lawson Lapierre
Triple Jump Taylor Claye Pichardo
Shotput Kovacs Walsh Crouser
Discus Malachowski Harting (R) Milanov
Javelin Yego Rohler Weber
Hammer Throw Fajdek Pars Nazarov
Decathlon Eaton Warner Taiwo
Marathon Kipchoge Rupp Meb

Women's Events

Eric's Medal Picks

Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 Bartoletta Schippers Bowie
200 Schippers Bowie Thompson
400 Felix Miller Wambui
800 Semenya Niyonsaba Grace
1500 Dibaba Kipyegon Muir
5000 Ayana Obiri Cherono
10000 Ayana Burka Huddle
100 Hurdles Rollins Castin Ali
400 Hurdles Muhammed Doyle McLaughlin
Steeplechase Jepkemoi Ayalew Coburn
High Jump Jungfleisch Lowe Cunningham
Pole Vault Suhr Morris Stefanidi
Long Jump Reese Stratton Bartoletta
Triple Jump Rojas Ibarguen Rypakova
Shotput Scwantizt Gong Adams
Discus Perkovic Caballero Perez
Javelin Hussong Stahl Spotakova
Hammer Throw Wlodarczyk Wang Heidler
Heptathlon Theisen-Eaton Nwaba Ennis-Hill
Marathon Sumgong Tsegay Dibaba

Jeff's Medal Picks

Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 Thompson Gardner Schippers
200 Schippers Thompson Bowie
400 Felix Miller Francis
800 Semenya Niyonsaba Bishop
1500 Dibaba Kipyegon Muir
5000 Ayana Cheruiyot Cherono
10000 Aprot Ayana Cheruiyot
100 Hurdles Castlin Rollins Ali
400 Hurdles Doyle Muhammad Petersen
Steeplechase Jepkemoi Coburn Chebet
High Jump Cunningham Beita Lowe
Pole Vault Suhr Murer Morris
Long Jump Reese Bartoletta Spanovic
Triple Jump Ibarguen Rojas Rypakova
Shotput Adams Gong Schwanitz
Discus Caballero Perkovic Fischer
Javelin Spotakova Khaladovich Stahl
Hammer Throw Wlodarczyk Wang Marghleva
Heptathlon Thiesen-Eaton Hill Adminida
Marathon Kiprop Cragg Dibaba