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US Women Dominate 4 x 400m Qualifier

Phyllis Francis anchored the US women to an easy qualifier in the 4 x 400m relay prelim.

The United States is renowned for it’s ability to generate 400m runners. The event is the perfect blend of power, speed and stamina as well as all around athleticism. By extension, the 4 x 400m relay is where the US has traditionally flexed it’s muscles on the track. In fact, in 2016, seven of the top ten performers in the women’s 400m are from the US.

In today’s preliminary for the 4 x 400m relay, the US women quartet of Courtney Okolo, Taylor Ellis-Watson, Francena McCorory and Phyllis Francis dominated with a time of 3:21.42. Over a full second ahead of the next fastest qualifier, Jamaica. Fortunately the long sprint relay team was not hamstrung by the baton issues that have plagued the US women’s 4 x 100m.

The US will look to claim an Olympic gold in tomorrow’s final.