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Lausanne 1000m Show-down: Is Centro the Real Deal?

The Lausanne Diamond League kicks-off the second half of the season tomorrow. We've previewed a few of the headlining events but saved the best for last - the men's 1000m. Newly crowned Olympic Champion Matthew Centrowitz has spent no time celebrating his first American Gold in the 1500m in 108 years. He is jumping right back into the fray as he squares off against 2015's #1 ranked Asbel Kiprop. In addition to the heavy hitting duo the field is highlighted by Anayleh Souleiman as well as runner-up from the Kenyan 800m champs, Jonathan Kitlit.

The last time Centrowitz ran the 1000m, he was bested by his compatriot Clayton Murphy. The young speedster was able to hold off the 1500m champ thanks to a blazing fast finishing kick. Will Centrowitz be able to hold up against the likes of Kitlit, who has run 1:43.48? Or what about Souleiman? The Djiboutian has always straddled between the 800m and 1500m so perhaps he is a 1000m specialist. The 1:42 and 3:31 man will definitely be in the mix, that much is certain.

Our guess is that Centrowitz's under-distance form has only been sharpened leading into the Olympics and with some rest we think he will take this one in a dominant, front-running fashion. If he was barely beaten by Olympic Bronze in the 800m (Murphy) earlier in the season then he should surely win now and perhaps even be in the hunt for Noah Ngeny's World Record of 2:11.96. Ngeny was a 1:44.4 800m, 3:28 1500m runner. Centrowitz has run 1:44.6 and 3:30. However, he seems to be better than ever and is definitely in PR 1500m shape. If conditions are right, Centrowitz may add World Record Holder to his rapidly growing list of accolades.