Introduction: Sprinkler, Runner. Runner, Sprinkler. Great! Now Be Friends.

With record heat waves blistering the Midwestern plains, and the lack of rain accompanying temperatures of those magnitudes, it's no surprise that homeowners feel the need to water their lawns. The problem is runners sometimes find themselves directly on a collision course with those shockingly chilly droplets of plant saving liquid that veer onto the sidewalk path.

As I began my journey to become a consistent runner, I noticed those rogue water sprinklers more and more. Not only were they cold, but they also posed a serious threat to my portable music device that I listened to as I ran. So, time after time, run after run, I would do everything in my power to avoid the liquid threat, even if it meant I would have to run on the streets and risk getting smoked by car. Then, one day IT happened.

Maybe it was my two teething toddlers. Maybe it was my scary mountain of supremely sickening homework that had to be done. Whatever it was, it changed me from a water fearing jogger into a aggressive maniac with no apprehension as I stepped out into the humid August heat. Like a hawk spotting its prey, I could see a sprinkler taunting me in the distance. Without hesitation, I smashed through the first liquid wall. The refreshing feel of the H2O rejuvenated me and gave me a burst of energy that propelled me down the sidewalk. After another couple of blocks, I came across another delightful downpour of hydrogen and oxygen atoms. And just like before I powered through and let the agua wash away the sweat that was now running down my forehead. It was like I had been blind my whole life as a runner but now I could see.

I think that brings us to the lesson of this story. Don't fear the water; let it cool you down and hydrate you. Don't worry about whether it will damage your expensive electronics; my electronics have never experienced any issues since I started to run through sprinklers. Don't be scared. Just put your head down and RUN ON!!!

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