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2013 Boston Marathon results: Yolanda Caballero leads women's race at halfway mark

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Darren McCollester

Kenya's Diana Sigei and Colombia's Yolanda Caballero separated themselves from the elite women's field early on in the 2013 Boston Marathon, with the latter grabbing the race lead at mile 10, using a 5:34 split. A pack of 12 women, including Americans Shalane Flanagan and Kara Goucher, closed in on Caballero, but she turned it on and increased the gap from five to 16 seconds at mile 11.

At the 20K mark (12.4 miles), Caballero had increased her lead to 24 seconds. By the halfway point of the race -- mile 13.1 -- Caballero had pushed her lead to 31 seconds. She reached that mark in 1:14:02, putting her on pace for a 2:28:04 finish (but with a slow start, the finishing time should be faster than that).

Caballero's personal best in the marathon is 2:26:17, which she set at the point-to-point Boston Marathon -- it's the fastest time ever record by a South American runner. She finished 26th at the 2012 New York Half Marathon, and failed to finish the marathon at the 2012 London Olympics, but managed to taked seventh earlier this year in the NYC Half Marathon (1:10:30).

If she is able to hang on for the victory, Caballero would become the first South American to win the Boston Marathon.