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Roger Wright, running for health and hope

The story of Roger Wright, a man who went from 318 pounds to Boston Marathon finisher. Every runner has a reason. What's yours?

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The newest video in DICK'S Sporting Goods' web series with true stories about runners and what they run for tells the journey of Roger Wright, a "morbidly obese" man who made it is goal to complete the Boston Marathon.

"The journey begins ... I open the side door to my house and started down to what I had always considered just a normal step I take every day. And I knew that once I stepped down off of it and onto the driveway, down the street, my life would change forever."

Since he was seven years old, Roger Wright had always had the goal of running the Boston Marathon, but he let his weight climb to as high as 318 pounds. So the training begin, slowly, with a three-mile course that had a turnaround point of a gravestone with "HOPE" -- his mother's grave stone.

"I no longer looked at weight. I looked at running the Boston Marathon."

Wright became inspired coming down the finisher's chute in Boston, and now wants to help inspire others to do the same. "I want to do everything I can to help inspire other people so they get to cross that finish line!"

"I run for my health. I run for hope."


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