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The history of competitive running, distance running, triathlons and more.

The Man Who Made the Four-Minute-Mile Possible

Chris Chataway, one of the men who paced Roger Bannister to the first sub 4-minute mile in 1954 has died.

Jesse Owens' 1936 Gold Medal Up For Auction

One of the four gold medals won by US track star Jesse Owens in the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany is now up for auction.

Distance Running Pioneer Ted Corbitt

Earlier this month Ted Corbitt was inducted into the Black Distance Runners Hall of Fame. The only thing more amazing than Corbitt's athletic feats are his efforts to create the sport we know today.

The man who first ran for charity

The story of the man who first realized that charity and endurance sports could be intertwined.

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Otis Davis' 45 Seconds of Glory

In 1960, Tuscaloosa native Otis Davis won two gold medals at the summer Olympics in Rome including one of the most dramatic 400 meter finals in history.

On Oregon's Odd Uniforms and the Legacy of Bill Bowerman

The University of Oregon's willingness to experiment with its football uniforms is legendary. That oft-derided policy probably derives from the principles of the schools legendary track coach Bill Bowerman that now permeate all of modern sports.

Pheidippides: The Man Who Ran the First Marathon

So who was this dude Pheidippides and why the heck did he run 26 (or so) miles?