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2012 New York City Marathon

Talking with American hero J.R. Martinez

Before the New York City Marathon was canceled, we had the chance to talk with J.R. Martinez, an Iraq war veteran, motivational speaker and "Dancing with the Stars" champion. J.R. was set to run the race with TIMEX.

Race to Remember

In a press conference Thursday afternoon, New York City Marathon race director Mary Wittenberg announced the Race to Recover Marathon Fund to help with Superstorm Sandy relief efforts.

Ryan Hall: 'NYC Marathon is deceptively hard'

We recently talked with ASICS' athlete Ryan Hall, elite runner and the fastest American marathoner. We asked him to share advice and tips for running New York, how to recover after a great race, and what helps get him through his "dark moments."

NYC Marathon 'will go on'

The 2012 New York City Marathon "will go on" as scheduled on Sunday, as officially announced by Mayor Michael Bloomberg Wednesday afternoon.

'New York City Marathon will proceed'

The 2012 NYC marathon "will proceed," the NYRR announced on Thursday, but Sandy will likely still cause some changes to the weekend.

NYC Marathon still set for Sunday, despite Sandy

The 2012 New York City Marathon is on as scheduled for Sunday, according to race director Mary Wittenberg, who sad that they'll have plenty of time to clean up after Sandy.

2012 New York City Marathon: I'm In!

New York City Marathon: The Queensboro Bridge, Gatsby, and My Green Lamp

Marathon: The Ultimate Spectator's Sport

Marathons are unique in American sports as the spectators are actually the participants. Stride Nation ponders that interesting paradox.

The NYC Marathon Poncho Is A Real Thing

Should the New York City Marathon be run?

The decision to hold the NYC Marathon after Sandy has sparked a lot of criticism, and raised a lot of questions, none bigger than the central issue to all this: should the race even be held this year?

Featured Fanshot

ING NYC Marathon Registration Statuses Now Available

I didn't get in :( Hope you guys had better luck. (via @INGNYCMarathon)

Ryan Hall Enters 2012 NYC Marathon

Ryan Hall, who finished second at the 2012 U.S. Marathon Olympic Trails in February, will plan to run the ING New York City Marathon this fall, it was announced today.

Marathons and the Invisible Hand of the Market

The increasing popularity of "destination" marathons is driving up prices and shortening sell out times. Don't expect the situation to change anytime soon.

Featured Fanshot

Marathoners Sprint to Races Outside New York as Entrance Fee Escalates

Earlier this week, Stride Nation took a look at the rising costs of premier marathons such as NYC. Bloomberg news has followed up with a very detailed look at why the New York event's prices have escalated and how it is proving to be a benefit for other big city marathons.

'With heavy hearts', the NYC Marathon is canceled

The complete release from New York Road Runners, sent to runners on Saturday, following Friday's decision to cancel the 2012 New York City Marathon.

This stream has:

NYC Marathon canceled

The 2012 New York City Marathon was canceled for the first time in the race's history.

NYRR still planning for 'great marathon'

The New York Road Runners has begun the process of determining whether or not they can still hold the 2012 New York City Marathon this weekend after the damage from Sandy. While they remain optimistic, city officials do not seem as positive.

Is the NYC Marathon still on as planned?

Will Boston Open Up To All Qualifiers On Monday?

The field was almost 40 percent full after runners who beat their Boston Marathon qualifying times by 10 minutes or more were allowed to enter.


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