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Mayor Michael Bloomberg: 'New York City Marathon will go on as normal, as of now'

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The 2012 New York City Marathon "will go on as normal, as of now," according to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who addressed the race during his Tuesday evening press conference concerning Superstrom Sandy. Though, he sounded like he was speaking based only on what race officials had told him.

Earlier in the day, Bloomberg said that it could be four to five days before the MTA Subway system is up and running again, which obviously could mean major transportation issues for runners and spectators this weekend.

The officials at NYRR remain positive, despite the difficulties they are set to face. Race medical director Dr. Stuart Weiss told the Daily News on Tuesday evening that “The city of New York and the Road Runners are committed to making sure that the marathon will occur on Sunday."

He said marathon organizers are still making decisions on race modifications that may be necessary in the devastating wake of superstorm Sandy, which pummeled New York late Monday into Tuesday morning flooding streets and leaving millions without power.

"After 9/11 the marathon was part of the healing effort and we think this will be healing too," Weiss said. "This will showcase that we as a city and a region can pull ourselves back up and help each other after a severe storm."

Organizers had two months in 2001, compared to just days in this instance.

Sunday's forecast is New York is calling for sunny skies with a high of 52 degrees and winds at 10 mph.