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Boston Marathon 2012: Dangerously High Temperatures Expected, BAA Encouraging Runners To Defer

The 2012 Boston Marathon is now less than 24 hours away, and the weather forecast is still predicting dangerously high temperatures. The high on Marathon Monday is expected to be in the upper-80s, and it won't be much cooler in the morning -- it's expected to be 74 degrees when the elite men start (10 a.m.).


Temperatures that high are likely to be warmer than anything else runners trained in during the winter and spring, and that's dangerous. As such, the Boston Athletic Association issued an advisory on Saturday, offering warnings, and encouraging runner who don't feel comfortable to skip this year's race:

  • Inexperienced marathoners should not run.
  • Those who have only trained in a cooler climate and who may not be acclimated (for at least the last 10 days) to warm weather running conditions should also consider not running.

To further encourage runners to sit out Monday's Marathon, the BAA is offering a deferral process that grants entry to the 2013 Boston Marathon for participants who decide not to race. Additionally, the BBA issued yet another update on Sunday, outlining the risks runners will face if they run on Monday.

The weather situation continues to be a significant concern for Boston Marathoners. We have determined that the race will occur in a "red zone" which is considered an increased risk but acceptable for high-level elite runners. However, it is not considered safe for unfit and novice runners.

The BAA's advisory also includes how best to hydrate, as does this article from Competitor.

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