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The Warmup Lap

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What to do when races are so long that they need races as training, and how to get a runner's high.

It's National Run At Work Day! (And Other Links)

The NYC Marathon Poncho Is A Real Thing

The Warmup Lap | 8.24.12 - Lance Armstrong Drops His Case

The USADA is expected to strip Armstrong of his seven Tour de France titles (apparently they can do that?) and ban him for life (... from a sport he retired from two years ago, but ok, sure). Also, this would make ineligible to compete in (most) tria

The Warmup Lap | 8.6.12 - The Olympics So Much, You Guys

The Warmup Lap | 8.1.12 - Nike's New 'Find Your Greatness' Commercial Is Fantastic

Talking about the newest commercial from Nike, a great "Find Your Greatness" ad.

The Warmup Lap | 7.30.12 - Radcliffe Out of Olympic Marathon

The Warmup Lap | 7.26.12 - The Olympics Are Near, Josh Ross May Withdraw

The Warmup Lap | 7.25.12 - A Look At Ryan Hall's Coach (God)

The Warmup Lap | 7.23.12 - Superstition, Changing Things Up, and Research

The Warmup Lap | 7.18.12 - Boston Half Marathon, Big Sur Already Full

The Warmup Lap | 7.16.12 - Hardrock, Badwater, and Big Sur Regos

The Warmup Lap | 7.13.12 - The Terrifying, Deadly Mount Marathon Race

From the Seward City News' Carol Griswold -- via Deadspin -- comes this absolutely terrifying photo of runner Penny Assman, a 34-year-old MEDEVAC helicopter pilot, falling off a cliff during the Mount Marathon Race in Alaska.

The Warmup Lap | 7.11.12 - Roger Banniester Carries The Torch

The Warmup Lap | 07.10.12 - Running With The Bulls

The Warmup Lap | 07.09.12 - Getting Chicked-y with it

The Warmup Lap | 07.06.12 - Running In The Heat And The Perfect Date Night

The Warmup Lap | 7.5.12 - Oscar Pistorius Olympic Bid News & Notes

Oscar Pistorius is a big story right now. Born without fibulas, Pistorius runs on carbon-fiber blades that are called Cheetahs. Thanks to South Africa, he will now have the opportunity to compete in the 2012 London Olympics in the 400 meter dash.

The Warmup Lap | 7.2.12 - Allyson Felix Wins, Usain Bolt Loses, and About Your IT Band

The Warmup Lap | 6.29.12 - Let's Talk About Galen Rupp

Then Thursday night, he won the 5,000m (though in much closer fashion, just nipping Bernard Lagat by just 0.15 seconds), and in the process broke a U.S. Trials record in the event -- a trials record previously held by Steve Prefontaine. With the win, Rupp became the first man to successfully complete the 5,000m/10,000m double at the U.S. Olympic Trials since Curtis Stone did it 1952.

The Warmup Lap | 6.27.12 - Team USA Track And Field Uniforms, Plus The Crazy Western States 100

The Warmup Lap | 6.22.12 - U.S. Olympic Team Trials In Track And Field Get Under Way

Yes, technically, the trials began Thursday night, with HammerTime (the hammer throw finals), but Friday is the official start, with the opening ceremonies in the afternoon and then the men's and women's 10,000m finals at night (9:45 p.m. and 10:20 p.m. ET, respectively. Here are some words I wrote about the races at!

The Warmup Lap | 6.21.12 - Barefoot Running & 50 States Of Marathons

Happy Thursday! It's going to be a cool 99 degrees in Washington, D.C. today. I went running last night when it was around 95, and it wasn't THAT bad - I do have a lot of experience running in Arizona summers, but it's always a bit jarring to run in high heat.

The Warmup Lap | 6.18.12 - Remembering the Last Time The Olympic Games Were in Britain

The Warmup Lap | 6.18.12 - Allyson Felix's London prep and a 50-year-old Olympic hopeful

The Warmup Lap | 6.15.12 - USA Track & Field Olympic Uniforms Look Fast

The USA Track & Field uniforms for the 2012 Summer Olympics were unveiled on Thursday, highlighted by the golf ball-inspired Nike Pro TurboSpeed suit:

The Warmup Lap | 6.13.12 - The ElliptiGO Is 'Somewhat Ridiculous'

The Warmup Lap | 6.12.12

The Warmup Lap | 6.8.12 - Usain Bolt, Still very Fast

Bolt narrowly edged countryman Asafa Powell in the 100-meter sprint Thursday night at the Diamond League meet in Oslo, Norway, winning in a time of 9.79 seconds. Powell finished second, in 9.85.

The Warmup Lap | 6.7.12 - One Mile Sprint In Pitt Pays A Cool $4,000

Runnings news and notes for June 7, 2012.

The Warmup Lap | 6.4.12 - Happy National Running Day!

Happy National Running Day, you guys! It's June 6, a day on which definitely nothing else happened, the first Wednesday in June, which means it's National Running Day!

The Warmup Lap | 6.5.12 - Pre Classic Results and Looking at Trail Runners' Career Paths


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