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Running Gear

GPS Watch Review: Epson Runsense SF-810

New to the GPS watch game, Epson delivers a watch loaded with functionality, but falls short on user interface.

In Defense of GPS Watches

Despite what some may say, being a a "serious runner" and a GPS-watch wearer are not mutually exclusive.

Sony Rolls Out New Core Fitness Tracker

Sony prepares to enter the fitness-tracking smartwear market in an absurdly small way with the recently unveiled ultra-tiny Core device.

Study: Switching to Minimalist Running Shoes Risky

A recent Australian study found that switching to minimalist running shoes lead to a higher degree of injury and pain by runners who had never used them prior.

Our Favorite Running Stores: Sole Sports

Sole Sports is a small Phoenix, AZ running store chain that puts a premium on relationships with its customers.

The Coming Age of Smart Shoes

Efforts to produce a shoe that collects information and relays it to athletes through smart phone apps have accelerated up over the past year.

adidas introduces miCoach SMART RUN

adidas introduces "the most advanced and intuitive wrist based running device on the market."

Featured Fanshot

adidas Springblade TV Commercial Sneak Peek

A quick look at the new commercials for adidas Springblade, "the first running shoe with blade technology designed to help propel you forward."

Featured Fanshot

From the Brooks Adrenaline 12 to the Brooks Adrenaline 13

Meet the new Timex Ironman Run Trainer

The newest GPS watch from Timex is nearly here. Introducing the new Timex Ironman Run Trainer 2.0 GPS watch.

Handheld bottle and belt reviews

Handheld bottles and hydration belts: these things matter to runners, so we probably ought to talk about them, right?

H2O on the Go: Reviewing hydration packs

Hydration while running is rather important. Unfortunately, water fountains aren't all that portable -- so let's take a look at hydration options designed for runners on the go.

Shoe-Fitting: It's a Process

Brooks Glycerin 9: Impressions after a first run

The Shoe-Buying Conundrum

On Oregon's Odd Uniforms and the Legacy of Bill Bowerman

The University of Oregon's willingness to experiment with its football uniforms is legendary. That oft-derided policy probably derives from the principles of the schools legendary track coach Bill Bowerman that now permeate all of modern sports.

Some Thoughts On Winter Running Gear

Your Garmin Isn't Perfect, But It's Better Than Google Maps

GPS watches don't measure absolutely perfectly, but it's better to use one than to rely on a web map.


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