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Watch David Epstein's TED Talk, 'Are athletes really getting faster, better, stronger?'

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Are athletes actually getting faster, better and stronger? That's the question posed by David Epstein in a March TED Talk, and the answer, surprisingly, is "not really."

Epstein, a ProPublica reporter, former Sports Illustrated senior writer, and author of The Sports Gene, uses modern records and accomplishments previously thought to be impossible to illustrate that, yes, athletic performances are improving, but it's often the result of new technology, changing genes, and a changing mindset.

Changing technology, changing genes, and a changing mindset. Innovation in sports, whether that's new track surfaces or new swimming techniques, the democratization of sport, the spread to new bodies and to new populations around the world, and imagination in sport, an understanding of what the human body is truly capable of, have conspired to make athletes stronger, faster, bolder, and better than ever.

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