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Wednesday Links around the Track

Rounding up the big news

These rings are back in the news
These rings are back in the news
Feng Li/Getty Images

Track is a 24/7 sport, and in an Olympics year it seems like the news never stops. To keep you up to date, we're compiling the biggest news stories here. Let's get started.

Lap 1: 31 positive retests from the Beijing Olympics

This story really should come as no surprise to anyone, but the IOC retested blood samples from the 2008 Olympics and 31 tests came up positive. The IOC has opened disciplinary proceedings against these athlete's, and it's going to get heated from here. It's sad to hear that at least 31 more cheats were in Beijing, but the hope of new testing and technology is always a cause of optimism.

Lap 2: Judge dismisses Run Gum lawsuit

Back in January, Nick Symmonds filed a lawsuit against USA track and field over sponsorship. At the end of last week a judge threw out the lawsuit, meaning there is not enough to bring it to trial. The judge concluded that USA track is not subject to antri-trust legislation over advertising restrictions. There's no doubt that Nick Symmonds will fight this and that his company, Run Gum, will stay in the spotlight.

Lap 3: Lets Run talked to Mark Wetmore about the Adidas Grand Prix

The normally New York Diamond League race has a new home this summer in Boston, and Lets Run sat down with race director Mark Wetmore to talk about it. The race has an interesting concept, with it moving to the streets and being the Adidas Boost Boston Games. Fun read, and interesting to get into the minds that made this decision.

Lap 4: Do you want to watch a Beer 2 mile?

The answer is yes, yes you do. Canadian Jim Finlayson completed the challenge in 11:39 and the video is incredible. The race has gotten more and more popular, and it's interesting to see how the concept has grown. Warning before viewing, do not watch if you don't want to see someone puke after running two miles and drinking eight beers. But considering that you're reading a running website, odds are you don't have a problem with someone throwing up after running.