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Stride Nation Coming to You Live From the Diamond League

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Stride Nation will be traveling to Doha this week to provide live coverage of the first Diamond League meet of the season.

Warren Little/Getty Images

A couple weeks ago, I received an unexpected email from officials at the Diamond League offering to host Stride Nation in Doha to provide coverage of the first Diamond League meeting of the season. Although Stride Nation is only a part-time endeavor on my part, this opportunity demanded that I take it and re-arrange other aspects of my life and work accordingly.

So, beginning Wednesday morning, I and Stride Nation will be coming to you live from Doha, Qatar for live coverage of the Diamond League. Just about every aspect of this will be new to me. I have never been credentialed for a track and field meet before. Although, I have received MLB credentials on a couple of occasions, the experience of covering track as a member of the official media will be a new one. I've also only travelled within North American and Europe, so a trip to the Middle East will be a change as well.

My goal while I'm there will be to not merely provide the same coverage you can find elsewhere on the internet. If I were only hoping to provide the same coverage you can already find, there would be no point in me going. You can read excellent recaps of the meet elsewhere and my traveling 12 hours to offer the same thing would be a waste of everyone's time. My hope is to use the more unstructured, informal platform afforded by Stride Nation and SB Nation to provide some more light-hearted coverage of the meet including commentary on the stadium itself and asking athletes fun and interesting questions they might not normally field. We're striving, as always, to provide a unique angle on track and field commentary that you may not be able to find elsewhere.

To that end, we, like every other media outlet, are slaves to our readership. If you have any angles you would like us to pursue in Doha or (appropriate) questions you would like us to ask specific athletes, send them our way in the comments. One of the joys of writing for Stride Nation is lack of editorial mandates. Within reason, we are not only allowed, but encouraged, to pursue whatever storylines draw our interest.

When Caleb and I undertook reviving this site, neither of us anticipated receiving anything like the opportunities those that have come our way in this short time. Speaking only for myself, I didn't anticipate this being much more than Caleb and I making bad jokes from whatever basements of whatever parents we find ourselves in. Without revealing too much about what is to come in the next couple weeks, this trip to Doha is neither the start or the end of us offering in-depth coverage of track. We are emerging from the basement. We have a couple interviews in the works with major athletes you have undoubtedly heard of.

It is sort of overwhelming how quickly these opportunities have come our way and we're excited to seize them for your benefit as we continue our goal to provide you the best and coverage of the sport and running, more generally, available on the internet.