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Go Running ... With A Helicopter

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if you're looking some extra motivation on your next run, these may just be the drones you are looking for. (A Star Wars reference to lead off a post about a thing called a Joggobot? Yep! YOLO TGIF!)

In Stride Nation's continuing coverage of weird running things, here comes the Joggobot.

The quadcopter running aid is being developed by Floyd Mueller and Eberhard Gräther at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia.

Our Joggobot is able to track the position of the jogger via an built-in camera and tag detection software. This software turns the previously human-controlled quadcopter into an autonomous flying robot that reacts to the jogger's actions.

And they made sure that the copter flies in front of the runner -- they heard concerns that people were afraid they would feel as though they were being chased.

Eventually, the two creators want to add a smartphone app that will allow runners to enter their target pace, which will correspond to the speed of the copter.

Sure makes all those iPhone apps seems boring now.

Would you get extra motivation if you were chasing down a quadcopter?