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The Warm Up Lap | 8.29.12 - The NYC Marathon Poncho Is A Real Thing

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That there is the Marathon Finish Line Poncho for the New York City Marathon, "a water-repellent, hooded, and fleece-lined garment to be handed out to every finisher." That's just one of the changes the organizers have made following their announcement that they will be doing away with bags for this year's race.

For 2012, under a new policy designed to ease finish-line congestion, runners will no longer check baggage at the start of the race, and there will be no baggage retrieval after the finish.

Speaking of the NYC Marathon ... the race just added a few more big names Wednesday morning.

Meb Keflezighi, who finished fourth in the London Olympic marathon, and teammate Abdi Abdirahman will join Ryan Hall at the New York City Marathon, along with Brett Gotcher, Andrew Carlson and Jason Hartmann.

And speaking of Ryan Hall ...

Documentary Without End | The Trailer

Tim Jeffreys, director of The 41st Day, a documentary about Ryan Hall, found himself in a tough spot after the Olympic Marathon. That was supposed to be the movie's dramatic conclusion, but Hall pulled out with an injury. So he's decided to extend the project to cover the NYC Marathon.

Are Americans Running Better? Or Europeans Worse?

American distance runners seemed to run well at the London Olympics. But this stems in part from the disappearance of European and other runners.

DC Rainmaker: Garmin Forerunner 10 (FR10) GPS watch In-Depth Review

Today Garmin announced the new Garmin FR10 GPS watch. This watch has one purpose, and one purpose only: To compete with the onslaught of $100 GPS watches. From features and functionality to sizing – everything is smaller than other Garmin watches. But, for those looking for a low-priced GPS watch that’s more durable than a cell phone – this line definitely opens up new options.

As always, DC Rainmaker brings the most thorough reviews on the Internet.

Lance Armstrong Skips Trail Marathon

He'd planned to run the Aspen Backwoods Marathon one day after competing in a mountain bike race in Aspen.