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Wednesday Links Around the Track

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What's going on in the running world?

Marathons get weird
Marathons get weird
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Good afternoon everyone! It is hump day and the halfway point in the week, so let's take a look around the track to see what the biggest stories are.

Lap 1

Chris Solinsky retires. The American distance legend famously broke the 27 minute barrier in the 10k and had been looking to make the 2016 Olympic team. Unfortunately a series of hamstring injuries made this a big challenge for the 31 year old. Solinsky had a phenomenal career, so it will be interesting to see what the Badger does next in his career.

Lap 2

The USA Olympic closing ceremony outfit has been released, and it's sharp. I'm a uniform geek ( is forever amazing) and I'm a big fan of of how our team will look in Rio. Also, this article shows that swimmer Ryan Lochte is still a thing. So yay Today Show?

Lap 3

Here's a great interview with Ashton Eaton. The decathlon world record holder has already had a legendary career, and he's looking to cement it this summer in Rio. An interesting thought also arises in who would win in a 100 meter dash, Eaton or Bolt? Obviously Bolt, but it would be fun to watch.

Lap 4

Tim Peak set an amazing world record. The British astronaut ran the fastest marathon in outer space while on the International Space Station. Peak was running the London Marathon, and ran the entire thing on a treadmill. Astronauts on the ISS have to run daily, so Peak was used to being strapped into what is probably my nightmare. He finished the run in 3:35, which is a new universal outer space treadmill record.

Cooldown/Shameless plug

Last week, Eric proposed a different method for picking the olympic marathoners. Our current system of one race on one day seems somewhat broken, so Eric proposed a novel idea on how to determine the three runners. I think the idea is phenomenal, so of course it needs to be one of the links you read.