Weight Training For Women - Why They Avoid It


There a lot of women who are looking to get in great shape especially for the summer months. They are looking for the quickest, fastest, and most effective way to reach their goals. But, when it comes to working out with weights quite a few women simply don't want to do it. Of course one of the most common excuses is that if a woman were to use weights during an exercise then they would get bigger muscles, much like that of a man. This is not true due to the fact that women have estrogen in their bodies which simply will not allow large muscles to develop. Another fear that women have especially when working with weights is that they will get injured or become sore. In reality working out with weights will actually prevent injury and alleviate any soreness that may become apparent. Now you don't want to jump right in and lift more weight than you can. It's best to start out with small weights and work your way up to heavier weights over time. One of the most important things to keep in mind when weightlifting is to always observe proper form and technique throughout the entire exercise. If you are even a little unsure of your form then you should stop immediately and take a break.

Internet Discovery: A Song About Paul Chelimo


Given its niche audience, it is rare that track and field finds its way into popular culture. Aside from the occasional Usain Bolt reference, runners are often either forgotten in the news cycle. More likely is that wide swaths of the population don't know that they exist at all. That is why I was both surprised and pleased to be alerted to the embedded video of a song about Paul Chelimo and his unlikely ascent to Olympic Silver Medalist. Admittedly , it may be a bit of a stretch to label this a true insertion into pop culture as Daniel Ayers, like Chelimo himself, is far from a household name. But, we take what we can get around these parts. As for the song itself, I must say that I rather enjoyed it and ended wishing it were longer than two minutes. Perhaps the song will be updated as Chelimo adds to his accomplishments in the coming years.

Kerron Clement Wins Gold in 400m Hurdles


Entering the final as a heavy favorite, Kerron Clement took home the United States' second track gold of the Rio Olympics with a 47.73 time in the 400m hurdles. He was fading a bit over the last two hurdles, but managed to hold off Kenyan Boniface Tumuti to win gold. Puerto Rico's Javier Culson was disqualified for a false start. Four national records were set in the event. Tumuti set a Kenyan NR of 47.78 for silver; Yasmani Copello got bronze in a Turkish record of 47.92; Thomas Barr of Ireland was fourth in a record 47.97l Rasmus Magi took 6th in a Estonian record of 48.40.

U.S. Women Drop Baton in 4x100 Relay


The United States baton woes under coach Dennis Mitchell continue as Allyson Felix and English Gardner botched the second handoff in the heats of the 4x100m relay. The U.S finished the race in last. That they finished the race was perhaps a heady move on their part as Felix appeared to be obstructed by a potential lane violation from the Braziian team. They will certainly file a protest and, in my opinion, the odds are in their favor to advance to Friday night's final.

Hassan Mead Advances to 5000m Final on Appeal


After falling with 200m to go in the heats of the 5000m, Hassan Mead figured to be advanced to the final on protest, as that is what has happened so far in these Olympics whenever an athlete trips. However, on his initial protest, Mead was denied entry to the final. After appealing, it appears, Mead will gain entry to the final indeed. Now, all three Americans have made their way to Friday's 5000m final.

Kemboi DQ'd in Steeplechase for Stepping off Track


News came out hours after Wednesday morning's steeplechase final that Ezekiel Kemboi, who had initially won bronze in the event, had been disqualified for the lane violation depicted above. The French filed the protest and Mahiedine Mekhissi has been awarded the bronze medal. After Wednesday morning's race, Kemboi announced his retirement. He'll go down as one of the greatest steeplechasers of all time with two Olympic titles and four World titles in the event. This is an unfortunate end to what was a great career.

United States Women Set to Sweep 100m Hurdles


Even without their best hurdler, the United States looks ready to sweep tonight's final of the women's 100m hurdles. World Record holder Kendra Harrison did not make the U.S. team out of July's Trials, but Brianna Rollins, Kristi Castlin and Nia Ali look set to prove they don't need Harrison to bring a U.S. sweep of the 100m hurdles. U.S. Women have never had a medal sweep in athletics. The United States swept the 400m and the 400m hurdles in Beijing in 2008. The Women's 100m Hurdles final takes place tonight at 9:55pm EST.

Abbey D'Agostino finishes race after tripping


American distance runner Abbey D'Agostino got tied up with New Zealand athlete Nikki Hamblin. After the fall, D'Agostino waited to make sure Hamblin was ok and both finished the race. D'Agostino finished despite collapsing to the track with an apparent knee injury. This is the sort of performance and sportsmanship that seems destined to be regarded as "Priceless" in Mastercard commercials for decades to come. UPDATE: D'Agostino has protested and gained entry into the women's 5000m final Friday afternoon.

Portland 2016 Medals Revealed


Portland may be the Rose City, but every athlete wants a gold medal. Tonight we finally got a look at what the medals will look like for this year's indoor championships in Portland. Personally, I love the rose design and think they're amazing. What do you think?

Best Way to Arrive at the Marine Corps Marathon


Video of Team Fastrax -- along with Medal of Honor winner Kyle Carpenter -- skydiving over The Pentagon, Arlington National Cemetery and the Potomac River on their way to the 2014 Marine Corps Marathon.

Could've used less dubstep though.